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The Communications Center is a centralized dispatch facility serving all of Camden County Sheriff's Office, Kingsland Police Department, St. Marys Police Department, Camden County Fire Rescue, Kingsland Fire Department, St. Marys Fire Department, and Cumberland Island. We also dispatch alongside of other agency’s as needed such as: GSP, DNR, and Kingsbay Naval Base.

The Communications Center operates with a staff of highly trained and specially qualified personnel. All 9-1-1 public safety telecommnunicators employed by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office have met the requirements and are certified by the State of Georgia under

O-C-G-A § 35-8-23

At the Camden County 911 Dispatch Center we are proud to be the true first-first responders, the vital link connecting you to the help you need in an emergency. Many times we are the calm voice in the middle of life’s storms.

Every dispatcher is highly trained and a dedicated professional with the skills and experience necessary to handle whatever that next call might bring. We are committed to answering Emergency 911 and non emergency calls with integrity and compassion. We stand ready to offer life saving medical instructions when required.

We never forget that we work for you, keeping you safe, making sure you get the help you need when you need it. In addition to answering your calls, we also dispatch a large number of law enforcement agencies, fire/rescue agencies and help coordinate their emergency response. At the Camden County E911 Center we are always here, always ready, every hour of every day.

If you are interested in learning more visit our association partner site National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

NENA is the only non-profit organization solely focused on improving 9-1-1. The organization represents tens of thousands of hard-working 9-1-1 first-responders who assist individuals in crisis and play a vital role in almost every emergency. These unsung heroes of public safety are directly involved in improving all aspects of 9-1-1 and in keeping our communities strong, safe, and vibrant.

NENA ensures that 9-1-1 is prepared to meet the needs of anyone requesting emergency assistance by developing standards for 9-1-1 technology and operations; providing education, training, and certifications for 9-1-1 professionals; informing policymakers about issues facing 9-1-1; and educating the public about 9-1-1, its importance, and its proper use.

A daily telephone call safety check is available to the citizens of Camden County. This free service is for the homebound, the unassisted, the elderly, or any other citizen who would benefit from a daily check. Under the program, dispatchers call citizens at a daily designated time and speak to the person being called to make sure they are ok.


If no answer is received after the first call a second call is made shortly thereafter. If the second call elicits no response appropriate measures are taken to make contact with the person and determine their status. The flexible program is available countywide. During calendar year 2022 disptchers made 4,294 RUOK calls to local residents.


For anyone interested in registering for the "Are You OK?" program, a application is available under the resources tab.



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